David Davies Design Studio
Doug Elkins Dance Company Stage Set
Translucent Plastic Panels. Plywood, Velcro, and Emergency Flashers
Building blocks capable of constructing two columns 12' x 4' x 3'
Inspired by a Bauhaus stage set in which dancers construct and reconstruct an environment using simple geometric forms, I created a set for a piece by the Doug Elkins Dance Company in NYC examining romance and gender stereotypes using 8 large rhombic building blocks. Each was constructed of lightweight translucent plastic panels and contained a small battery operated strobe obtained from an emergency flasher. The dancers could carry the blocks, create various environments by stacking them in zig/zagging column configurations, and activate the strobes within each block via a hidden switch. The lighting director could then either wash the columns with light, thereby reducing the flashers to subtle 'heartbeats' or bring the stage lights down and have the flashers violently blast out of each block. I never took photos or taped a video of this dynamic piece but fortunately still have one of the blocks in storage which I hope to resurrect soon.
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