David Davies Design Studio
IBM 75th Anniversary Light Mosaic
52 Storey Skyscraper
Working for Chicago lighting artist, John David Mooney I served as the production manager for this project and was in charge of implementing his design which utilized over 5000 floodlights donated by Phillips Lighting. Each 'pixel' was one of the 4'x8' windows wrapping around the IBM headquarters in Chicago. Levolor blinds were standard elements in the windows so we them as halyards to raise sheets of paper that would occupy the entire window panel. Then, using simple custom bases we manufactured for the lamps along with a couple thousand extension cords we back lit the individual sheets with the colored floodlight designated by the artist. Using teams of volunteers, including a Polish interpreter to communicate with the cleaning staff, we lit and turned off each lamp for three consecutive nights beginning at 3:00 PM and ending around 4:00 AM!
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